A Warm Welcome for Jocelyn

We’re happy to announce the addition of a new hygienist to the Jones Dental team! Registered Dental Hygienist Jocelyn brings her years of experience and friendly personality to our office, and looks forward to building relationships with our patients. We know that change can be difficult (we’ll miss you Jenna!), but we’re sure that Jocelyn’s natural warmth and commitment to patient care will win you over.

5 Fun Facts About Jocelyn:

  1. She loves to bake and cook, but she often can’t eat her creations due to her celiac and kidney disease.
  2. Binge-watching British shows brings her joy because of the humour and accents.
  3. While she is already a “sort of grandma,” in the words of her son’s stepdaughter, she will soon be a “real” grandma for the first time. (Kids say the darnedest things….)
  4. She is a TCM fan and loves classic movies, though her son questions why she watches movies that are older than her mother is.
  5. This summer, she visited Quebec City and felt right at home in the old city. She jokes that she must have lived there in a previous, 17th century life.

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