Why Are We Called Jones Dental?

Why Are We Called Jones DentalOne of the most common, non-dental questions we get at our office is, “Why Jones Dental?” My last name (Bourgault) is not Jones and the clinic used to be called “Bedford Square Dental,” so really, the question is perfectly reasonable. Where did “Jones Dental” come from?

When I took over Bedford Square Dental in in August 2012, I had no intention of changing the name. However, when the previous dentist left the office soon after I took over, I started to make changes to shape the practice into what I wanted it to become, and part of that process was changing the name.

“Jones Dental” did not come out of thin air. We worked with a company to come up with a name that reflected who we want to be, and that is a dental practice that welcomes families. We tossed around a couple of names that didn’t quite fit, and then “Jones Dental” was suggested as a play on the saying “Keeping up with the Joneses.” It’s kind of hipster, kind of fun, and fit in with our family-friendly environment. Our tagline, “We keep up with your family” is an extension of our name selection. “Jones” is also a play on my first name, Joanne, and I liked that, too.

So now you know why we’re Jones Dental.


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